Weekly Study and Prayer Outline


Meeting Days & Time


Family Fellowship Unit


DayEvery Saturday of the month


Recommended Time5 to 6 pm


Neighbourhood Assembly


Day – Sunday following the last Saturday of every month.


Recommended Time – 5 to 6:30 pm






My fellow servants in the vineyard of the Lord, it is already midnight and we are presently in the last minutes of extra time given to the Church before the appearance of our Lord to take His Bride. The pillar of cloud by day has turned into the pillar of fire by night and by implication the message of the end-times according to Mathew 25:6 should be “Behold the Bridegroom cometh, go ye out to meet Him”. This message is a warning for preparation and I therefore appeal to all god-fearing ministers and Christian ministries worldwide to as a matter of urgency, prayerfully seek God’s face to confirm this assertion, and make special arrangements similar to that of Noah’s Ark to get believers prepared for the coming of the Lord.


The Noah’s Ark Household Fellowship is not a church in the regular sense of the word. It is a ministry set up as a vehicle to provide timely and ordained spiritual supplement for believers in these last days.


Please feel free to clone or modify the Noah’s Ark Household Fellowship and her Weekly Study and Prayer Outlines as the Lord leads you. Our collective and ultimate goal is that the Church is gotten to prepare herself continuously ‘Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ’ (Ephesians 4:13 KJV).



‘Testing The Waters’


Recognizing the initial uncertainties and reservation associated with adopting something new, we encourage believers to go through the ‘Testing the Waters’ phase by first of all using this monthly outline in a personal capacity. They are to study the Charge and follow the weekly Study and Prayer Points in their quiet time. By the time they have come to appreciate its value (usually within a month), they are then encouraged, in the spirit of the ministry, to involve and engage their families, friends and neighbours, in the ministry’s weekly one hour fellowship.




Church Activities



The Noah’s Ark Household Fellowship is non-denominational and open to all bible-believing Christians. It is a special end-times ministry and movement established by God’s mandate to disciple every subscribing believer to be doers of the word of God, and not hearers alone.

It aims to also teach believers to always look unto Jesus Christ (Hebrews 12:2), thereby ensuring that they, like the Bereans would be primarily loyal to the word of God, prayerfully searching the scriptures to ensure that what they are taught has true foundation in the word of God (Acts 17:11). By so doing, believers shall escape the snare wherein the regard for religious dignitaries overshadows their loyalty to God and His word (Proverbs 29:25).

A household can be typically defined as any group of people who live together in a single home. Within the broader context of Christianity, all believers can be said to be of the same household – the household of God. Sub-units of the Noah’s Ark Household Fellowship include the Family Fellowship Unit and the Neighbourhood Assembly.

The Noah’s Ark Household Fellowship primarily brings the responsibility for the preparation for the imminent rapture of the saints, down to the family unit, and to family heads, as in the case of Noah and Lot. It provides opportunity for the works of God to be exercised in our individual and communal lives, thereby building the saints to the point where even though they may be affiliated to a ‘living dead’ church like that of ‘Sardis’, yet, by the grace of God their garments will remain undefiled by its characteristic erroneous and worldly teachings (Revelation 3:4).

The fellowship is open to all interested believers and is designed to sprout spontaneously all over the world as believers become aware of it and begin to link up, joining hands with one intent – that the image of Jesus Christ should be formed in us (Galatians 4:19) – that our lights might burn brighter and brighter (Proverbs 4:18; Mathew 25:7) – that we may be ready and expectant when He shall appear to take us (2 Timothy 4:8).

Individuals are encouraged to start off Family Fellowship Units in their homes which can be done once they have access to our monthly outlines and programmes. There is unlimited potential for the continuous replication of Family Fellowship Units and Neighbourhood Assemblies of the Noah’s Ark Household Fellowship.

At this point, it is necessary to go into detail regarding the various sub-units of the Noah’s Ark Household Fellowship.

Sub-Units of Noah’s Ark Household Fellowship