Weekly Study and Prayer Outline


Meeting Days & Time


Family Fellowship Unit


DayEvery Saturday of the month


Recommended Time5 to 6 pm


Neighbourhood Assembly


Day – Sunday following the last Saturday of every month.


Recommended Time – 5 to 6:30 pm






My fellow servants in the vineyard of the Lord, it is already midnight and we are presently in the last minutes of extra time given to the Church before the appearance of our Lord to take His Bride. The pillar of cloud by day has turned into the pillar of fire by night and by implication the message of the end-times according to Mathew 25:6 should be “Behold the Bridegroom cometh, go ye out to meet Him”. This message is a warning for preparation and I therefore appeal to all god-fearing ministers and Christian ministries worldwide to as a matter of urgency, prayerfully seek God’s face to confirm this assertion, and make special arrangements similar to that of Noah’s Ark to get believers prepared for the coming of the Lord.


The Noah’s Ark Household Fellowship is not a church in the regular sense of the word. It is a ministry set up as a vehicle to provide timely and ordained spiritual supplement for believers in these last days.


Please feel free to clone or modify the Noah’s Ark Household Fellowship and her Weekly Study and Prayer Outlines as the Lord leads you. Our collective and ultimate goal is that the Church is gotten to prepare herself continuously ‘Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ’ (Ephesians 4:13 KJV).



‘Testing The Waters’


Recognizing the initial uncertainties and reservation associated with adopting something new, we encourage believers to go through the ‘Testing the Waters’ phase by first of all using this monthly outline in a personal capacity. They are to study the Charge and follow the weekly Study and Prayer Points in their quiet time. By the time they have come to appreciate its value (usually within a month), they are then encouraged, in the spirit of the ministry, to involve and engage their families, friends and neighbours, in the ministry’s weekly one hour fellowship.




Church Activities


The Neighbourhood Assembly

The Neighbourhood Assembly is the secondary body of the Noah’s Ark Household Fellowship, and consists typically of the leaders and deputies of a minimum of two and a maximum of seven family fellowship units. It is a congregation of Family Fellowship Units represented by their leaders and deputies. Upon reaching a limit of ten family fellowship units represented in a Neighbourhood Assembly, the last three to join shall break off and form a new Neighbourhood Assembly. The cycle shall not cease but shall continue after each replication phase.


Categories of the Neighbourhood Assembly

There are two categories of the Neighbourhood Assembly namely:

  • The Neighbourhood Assembly (Local Unit) – this comprises of Family Fellowship Unit leaders living within walking proximity of each other.
  • The Neighbourhood Assembly (At Large) – this comprises of Family Fellowship Units whose leaders could be acquaintances but live some distance away from each other (within a town).


Guest Members – This refers to the last three leaders and deputies from three family fellowship units who join on the invitation of any one of the members of the Neighbourhood Assembly.



  • The initiator of a Neighbourhood Assembly shall be its Coordinator. He/She must be the Leader of an existing Family Fellowship Unit who now acts as host to other represented family fellowship units in this new capacity.
  • The Deputy Coordinator of the Neighbourhood Assembly shall be the deputy leader of the initiator’s family fellowship unit.


Starting-Off a Neighbourhood Assembly of the Noah’s Ark Household Fellowship .

Functions of a Neighbourhood Assembly

  • If there is no nearby Neighbourhood Assembly that you can join as a Family Fellowship Unit Leader, you may start off one if you feel led to do so. In many cases, Family Fellowship Unit Leaders may need to replicate Family Fellowships before they can establish a Neighbourhood Assembly. A minimum of two Family Fellowship Units are required to establish a Neighbourhood Assembly.
  • The Assembly meets once a month – on the Sunday following last Saturday of every month. This meeting shall be dedicated towards the appraisal of the Weekly Study and Prayer Outline of the next month, for fasting, prayer and preparation for the Love Outreach Programme, and shall hold between 5 and 6:30 pm.
  • The Neighbourhood Assembly shall be responsible for communicating programmes of the fellowship to the Family Fellowship Units, and ensuring that all members of these units participate in the various activities of the NAHF.
  • Aside from the Love Feast Programme, Neighbourhood Assemblies may also organize Road Walks in their towns and ‘All Aboard’ Teaching Conferences in their localities, if they are so led.


Duties of a Neighbourhood Assembly Coordinator

  • The Coordinator of a Neighbourhood Assembly must be someone that has a home which can be used as venue for the fellowship.
  • The Coordinator of a Neighbourhood Assembly must be committed to putting his/her best into this responsibility and discharging his duties prayerfully.
  • The Coordinator of the Neighbourhood Assembly may at his/her discretion, assign to other members of the Assembly, the appraisal of other weekly teachings for the next month, while he takes the Introductory Charge of the first week.
  • He shall appoint an accounts officer who shall keep the financial records of the Assembly. Cash shall however be kept in the custody of the coordinator of the Assembly. The financial income status of the Assembly shall be made open to every member before expenses for Love Outreaches are embarked upon.
  • The Neighbourhood Assembly coordinator shall draw up a timetable in which FFU leaders shall visit and teach in other Family Fellowship Units of fellow members to charge and encourage them from time to time.


Monthly Neighbourhood Assembly Meeting

(Sunday immediately following Last Saturday of the Month)



Responsible Person



Opening Prayer


5 Mins


Praise and Worship


10 Mins


Testimony Time


7 Mins


Appraisal of Next Month’s Study Outline

Leader for 1 st week, plus One Person per week for remaining weeks

35 Mins


Appraisal of Progress w.r.t the coming Love Feast Program


15 Mins


Prayers for FFUs and Love Feast Program


5 Mins


Questions/ Comments


10 Mins


Thanksgiving Song/Closing Prayer


3 Mins



90 Mins